I finished college now? Masters, Post or MBA?

Many young people find themselves faced with the same dilemma at the time of their IT graduation: I finished college, now what? Do I have a master’s degree, post or MBA? The answer will depend on what you want for your career.

Those who are thinking of doing a master’s degree should bear in mind that their greatest benefit will be the possibility of teaching classes in both public and private universities, but today the Brazilian university market has a problem, the saturation of masters and doctors in the staff Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

The MEC obliges that universities have an “x” number of masters and doctors, for the great majority of universities that number has been reached 4 years ago, but what about the rest of the masters and doctors who are graduating? Will they get vacancies as teachers? Yes, in the cases of end of the academic period where the universities exempt professors for n reasons or in the case of the opening of new campus and in public competitions.

Many who read this post will say that Google hires masters and doctors, and true, but how many are formed annually and how many Google hires? I know a good amount of professionals who have chosen the academic life and have spent almost 2 decades in university, resulting in postdoctoral studies.

Diploma in the right hand, half page resume as left hand experience and we go to the market. Unfortunately they will receive a no response from hundreds of companies and this does not happen only in Brazil. A report recently published in the New Yorker magazine presented a serious problem that is affecting many American families, their sons and daughters in the 30’s, super qualified but with no experience in the market, result … they moved back to live with their parents Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

IT companies, for the most part, have stopped worrying about professional training, especially outsourcing companies, they want to know two things about you:

Do you know how to solve the customer problem quickly and satisfactorily? you are cheap

Why IT service companies should hire a professional with doctorate or master’s degree to give support on windows, linux and firewall servers? That’s what business owners, directors, and managers speak to HR. I’ve seen IT companies that HR started to act in the simple hiring a professional, taking care of only the paperwork. The HR does not make the selection since it does not have the technical knowledge to evaluate if a certain candidate has the necessary technical knowledge for that vacancy, the approved candidate is directed to HR for documentation and medical examination.

I also know full-fledged analysts who earn more than masters and even PhDs. Owning an academic degree in IT has become a personal desire and not a guarantee of high salaries.

Postgraduate and MBA`s have become shelf items in Brazil, reaching the sum of being used as bargaining by companies for an employee to be retained for a period of 3 years. Management and management positions still have as prerequisites a postgraduate or MBA, but we work with IT and know the proportion of analysts for managers and directors.

It is not a simple title that will qualify you for such a position, but there is another point, I have already met a number of professionals who have changed their area of ​​expertise in IT after having done a post. It is the set of experience in a course that opens other horizons Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

I know the decision is difficult, but the tip I give is this:

Regardless of the pros and cons of each course, consider personal and financial investment in the long run, this will make all the difference.